ASH 2016: Patient Perspective with Linda Huguelet

| Linda Huguelet

In this video, Linda Huguelet, a six-year myeloma survivor and the support group leader of the Chattanooga Multiple Myeloma Networking Group, shares her reactions to the IMF Media and Grant Award reception that took place during the 58th American Society of Hematology annual meeting. She describes the event as bringing together “patients and researchers—truly embodying everything the IMF is about.” She highlights how patients, the IMF staff, and researchers met and mingled at the reception, allowing the “researchers to put a face with the patients they were helping, and for the patients to be able to see the researchers who often spend so many hours behind the microscope—helping to push myeloma research forward.”

Not only was Linda inspired by the researchers, she was especially struck by individual members who fund-raised, including Kent Oliver, whose event “Laughs 4 Life” in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, raised more than $60,000 for myeloma research.

Linda sums it up best, when she says, “The patients, researchers, and fundraisers were all inspiring to me, and just let me know how everybody is working together to find a cure for myeloma.”

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Linda Huguelet

Diagnosed with myeloma in 2010, Linda today co-leads the Chattanooga Multiple Myeloma Networking Group, alongside her husband. Linda will be attending the ASH Annual Meeting for the fourth time, and she will focus on maintenance therapy, updates on monoclonal antibodies approved in late 2015, and new emerging monoclonal antibody treatments.

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