Final impressions of ASH 2016

| Jim Omel

In comparing this year’s large ASH meeting to previous years, we support group leaders continued to see lots of myeloma interest and research. Myeloma sessions were full with some overflowing even the overflow room! Myeloma was especially exciting at last year’s ASH because it closely followed an unparalleled “November to Remember” with three new drug […]

ASH is a combination of excitement, discovery, and fatigue

| Jim Omel

This year’s ASH is going by quickly with our days full of activity. We IMF support group leaders began this morning with a group discussion of our days to date. We covered many of the new advancements (largely immunotherapy) and discussed new potential drugs like Selinexor®. We  must remember that releasing the immune system to […]

MRD measurement and BSRI are bringing us closer to cure

| Jim Omel

Patients understand that improved treatment for myeloma can result in unprecedented depth of response, and myeloma treatment has changed dramatically in the last few years. Prior to 1997 when I was diagnosed, complete response (CR) was defined as a 75% reduction in M-protein. Stringent CR (sCR) did not exist because this deep level of control […]


Jim Omel, MD

Diagnosed with myeloma in 1997, Jim’s advocacy work includes involvement with the National Cancer Institute’s Steering Committee, the FDA, the Alliance Cooperative Group (Myeloma and Transplant Committees), Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research, Moffitt Cancer Center, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, ASCO (CancerLinQ and bisphosphonates in Myeloma Review Panel), and of course, his Central Nebraska Myeloma Support Group.

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