ASH: The ultimate bowl game

| Linda Huguelet

At my first ASH conference in 2012, I happened to meet Frank who was working in the Takeda Oncology exhibit booth. He led me through the process of adding a wish to their wall and mine was, of course, to cure myeloma. In talking, we discovered that we are both Auburn University alumni. For those […]

ASH 2016: Patient Perspective with Linda Huguelet

| Linda Huguelet

In this video, Linda Huguelet, a six-year myeloma survivor and the support group leader of the Chattanooga Multiple Myeloma Networking Group, shares her reactions to the IMF Media and Grant Award reception that took place during the 58th American Society of Hematology annual meeting. She describes the event as bringing together “patients and researchers—truly embodying […]

Treatment advances provide many lily pads

| Linda Huguelet

When I was diagnosed with myeloma in 2010, a huge concern of mine was the limited number of treatment options. Although the currently available options were far superior to those available just a decade prior, there was still a limited universe of treatment paths. I keenly remember one of my first visits to Vanderbilt Medical […]

Coming full circle

| Linda Huguelet

I’m honored to have been invited by the International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) to attend the American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting for the fourth year.  Since attending my first ASH, I’ve been continually amazed and encouraged by the vast amount of myeloma research that is being done. It’s truly inspiring to see research in […]


Linda Huguelet

Diagnosed with myeloma in 2010, Linda today co-leads the Chattanooga Multiple Myeloma Networking Group, alongside her husband. Linda will be attending the ASH Annual Meeting for the fourth time, and she will focus on maintenance therapy, updates on monoclonal antibodies approved in late 2015, and new emerging monoclonal antibody treatments.

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