My first visit to ASH

| Thomas Goode

In 2005, I was diagnosed with this dreaded disease. As I look back over my journey since I’ve been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, the one thing that came to mind was the fact that the average life span for newly diagnosed patients was three to five years. As I began treatment, I did not know what to expect. The rough road at some points had me thinking that the reports were correct. Fast forward eleven years, I have overcome the odds and I am in a learning phase.

As a patient, I have always heard our treatment team speak about the American Society of Hematology. I always thought of it as a bunch of information that was too advanced for patient, and the doctors gives us the generic version. When asked if I would like to attend on behalf of the IMF, I was thrilled.

I considered it as an honor to attend ASH 2016 for the first time. This will be a learning experience, because it will not only let me know more about myeloma but also the future of myeloma. I am excited to witness some of the world’s best multiple myeloma specialists inform us about the new drugs that will be available for myeloma research. I am also curious about the ongoing and the future clinical trials that are available for myeloma patients.

As a support group leader, I am anxious to return to inform my members of what’s new. When I mentioned to them that I was accepted to attend, they were just as excited as I was. The information that I will return with will provide hope for the future for our newly diagnosed patients. Stay tuned for more to come from my first visit to ASH.


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Thomas Goode

Diagnosed with myeloma in 2005, Thomas Goode today co-leads the Triangle Area Support Group in North Carolina and is also a Reflective Ambassador for Celgene. The IMF welcomes Thomas to his first ASH Annual Meeting.

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