What to know about ASH and the support group leaders attending this year

| Robin Tuohy

For more than five decades, the ASH annual meeting has served as the premiere event for scientific exchange in the field of hematology. Today, this meeting attracts more than 20,000 attendees from all over the world.

Since 2006, the IMF has provided a unique opportunity for support group leaders to attend ASH. This year we will be bringing 14 leaders from all over the US to share their ASH experience through blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and with their local communities at home. Our days will be long and challenging, but I am sure we will be invigorated by the excitement and hope of all this promising research!

In his blog, “ASH 2016: What’s trending and what’s not,” Dr. Durie and IMF Medical Editor, Debbie Birns, comment on a selection of research and clinically important topics for support group leaders to review. Quite a task, as there is a total of 687 abstracts dealing with myeloma this year!

To wet your appetites, each leader is writing a “Pre-ASH blog” on what they are most looking forward to learning and sharing. Remember, these leaders are also myeloma patients and caregivers, so their perspective on the various abstracts, and living with myeloma, will certainly resonate with you.

For our IMF ASH 2016 Support Group Leader Team to provide you with a broad picture of ASH, each leader has selected topics to report on that are of particular interest to them. Learn about these dynamic leaders in their Pre-ASH blogs.

Also follow us on Twitter by searching hashtags: #ASH16 and/or #IMFASH16; plus, you can search each leader’s Twitter name, which is listed under each leader’s photo and bio.

We will be live-tweeting and posting photos, blogs, and vlogs from each of the following:

 Other links of note:

That’s it for now: stay tuned for your dose of daily hope!


Robin Tuohy

Robin Tuohy is caregiver to her husband Michael, who was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2000 at the age of 36. Robin is also the Senior Director of Support Groups for the International Myeloma Foundation. Robin will be leading a group of 15 myeloma patients and support group leaders through the various programs at ASH 2016. Each day will consist of listening to oral presentations, viewing posters in the vast Exhibition Hall, attending educational, myeloma specific programs, and much more. During ASH, Robin will be providing updates on all of the exciting activities the support group leaders participate in. Robin hopes the support group leaders’ blog posts, videos, tweets, and live coverage from all events will spread hope and excitement for our futures! Knowledge is Power! She hopes to bring back all the knowledge she gains at #ASH16 to her local support group, the Connecticut Multiple Myeloma Fighters Information Group.

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