ASH is a combination of excitement, discovery, and fatigue

| Jim Omel

This year’s ASH is going by quickly with our days full of activity. We IMF support group leaders began this morning with a group discussion of our days to date. We covered many of the new advancements (largely immunotherapy) and discussed new potential drugs like Selinexor®. We  must remember that releasing the immune system to […]

Day 2: Can anything compare with eliminating 24-hr urine collections?

| Jack Aiello

Today’s events began with 9:30 a.m. education program on 1) managing Newly Diagnosed High-Risk (HR) Multiple Myeloma patients 2) Sequencing treatments, and 3) the role of stem cell transplant (SCT) and maintenance. Dr Angela Dispenzieri spoke on the first topic, and she reminded the audience that “High-Risk” doesn’t just mean cytogenetic factors like del(17p), but […]