The week that was ASH 2016

| Thomas Goode

As I returned home from my first visit to ASH, I was still at a loss for words for what I witnessed while at the conference. The hype that I had when anticipating getting there lived up to my expectations. It took me a while to grasp the concept of the Abstracts. Once I got […]


| Tom Swick

Attending the 58th American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting and Exposition in San Diego was more significant to me personally than the previous two I attended. Nine years after my diagnosis, I find myself in a relapse for the first time, after only one treatment regimen. With so many clinical trials leading to stringent […]

Treatment advances provide many lily pads

| Linda Huguelet

When I was diagnosed with myeloma in 2010, a huge concern of mine was the limited number of treatment options. Although the currently available options were far superior to those available just a decade prior, there was still a limited universe of treatment paths. I keenly remember one of my first visits to Vanderbilt Medical […]